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GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION: Authorized by the State of Michigan, United State of America; registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria; registered with the “Special Control Unit against Money Laundering” Economic and Financial Crime Commission

Motto: Giving Hope, Redeeming Lives, Radiating Love

P.O.Box 36, Ikare Akoko, Ondo State. Nigeria, West Africa.

Phone: +23430912496 (WhatsApp), +2348078560772


GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION Is Dedicated To The Divine Most High God For Showing His Love To Humankind From Generation To Generation Through His Eternal Love To Humanity For Sending His Only Begotten Son To Redeem The World From Eternal Damnation, The Foundation Name Was Birthed In The Month Of March 27, 2014 When The Lord Reveal To The Founder His Mighty Hand In The Sky Around 9pm, It Was An Unforgettable Encounter!!!


ISAIAH 49:8-23

ISAIAH 58:6-14

ISAIAH 61:1-11

GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION :-Is a foster humanitarian relief development and advocacy organization, dedicated to working with Individuals, Families, Groups, Communities, Organizations, Foundations, Social institutions and Ivy Leagues, Churches and Ministries, Government and Agencies, and Intergovernmental Organizations, International Organizations like United Nations, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Organization of Africa Union, European Union, Hague et cetera, helps tackling in order to overcome the causes and effects of poverty, and global challenges and become a dynamic regulatory agency acting as a catalyst for positive change so as to provides hope and assistance to help the needy persons who are: the motherless children, less privileged, widows, oppressed women, vulnerable, senior citizens and those that have lost hope and who may think suicide is the only way out, in order to help, them reach their full potential.

We are looking forward to establishing our Free Tuition University; online with brick and mortal learning.

“We must help the “Have –Nots” not only because it is in our own self-interest but because it is Right.” J.F.K


  1. To fight and eradicate the causes and effects of poverty and its aftermath;
  2. Improving the needy person’s health and mental health;
  3. Enhancing quality of life, supporting them both local and larger systems to improve their functioning in the social environment and to help them make a good living.
  4. We help to meet some social, economic, agricultural and educational needs that are fundamental to the maintenance for the needy persons to live a well-being life.
  5. To help restore the sociability of these vulnerable persons.
  6. Green House Management, Health Safety and Environmental Management, Human Resources, Capacity Building et cetera
  7. Intellectual Crusades
  8. Medical Crusades
  9. Helping the Inmates have better hope after acquitted either from Awaiting Trials and Regimentation
  10. Guidance and Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentorship, and Managing at Risk Children and Veterans

Center for: WORLD ADVANCE EDUCATION Entrepreneurship; fashion, innovation, research STEM, Mental Health thru International and National Collaboration in floating the 4th Industrial Revolution Training and Development with special focuses on:

Strategic Relationship

Strategic Leadership, Capacity Development and Godly Character

Strategic Management

Agile Space Leadership

Leaderless Goal Oriented Organization


African International Students Diplomatic Missionaries


Human Rights and Child Marriage

The Power of Media in the 21st Century

International Relation (Multiculturalism)

Investment and International Trade (Economic Growth and Digital Economy)

Climate Change and Green House Management

Keeping Pace with Technology

The Acts of Leadership

Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building

Global Politics and Regional Conflicts

Global Insecurity (Terrorism)

Education in the 21st Century

Mastering the Art of Diplomacy

Communication and Public Speaking Skills

Peace and Conflict

Conflict Resolution

Breaking Glass Ceilings in the 21st Century for the African Girl Child 


This certificates being issued to all our Tutors who are partaking in this training session from difference location:






  • Bridging Digital Divide; laptops and tablets for the rural community by empowering young people with trainings on: Coding, Programming, Web development, Software development, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in order to make them access the tech-world;
  • Tech-farming/Agro Business (poultry, fish ponding, heliciculture (snail farming), piggery, rabbit poultry); on B-cube (breaking business beyond the boarders);
  • Vocational trainings on: Fashion, Beads making, herbal soap, herbal cream for exporting;
  • Community light up: Working with project team member who successfully developed a solar energy device to generate electricity for effective functioning in the rural (product available on the YouTube);
  • Leadership for African Women Education & Empowerment (LAWEE);
  • African Girls Education & Empowerment (AGEE)
  • Sanitary pads for the Girl Childs; menstrual cup (tampons);
  • UV Glasses;
  • Smart watches for health purpose;
  • Virtual reality;
  • Microsoft for students;
  • Customize wears for awareness


Children Welfare: is a traditional term for the network of policies and programs designed to empower and protect the needy children, promote a healthy environment and meet their needs.

Basic goals of child welfare include:

  • The best way to change the lives of the needy children is to change their world in which they live i.e (change their world within). And the best way to change their world within is to foster self-sufficiency and make them happy within and their communities.
  • Millions of children around our society are in need of help to break out of the shell of poverty, unsafe drinking water, hunger, shelters, clothing and a lot more physical and mental challenges makes them weak, sick and more vulnerable;
  • Providing adequate resources to address conditions such as inadequate health care condition can develop and thrive in a healthy nurturing social environment;
  • Provision of books and financial assistance in the areas of training and scholarship offers, encourage the youngsters to get off the streets and into the school;
  • Empowering children by focusing on and appreciating their racial, ethnic and cultural identities and by teaching them to stop social inequality;
  • Meeting vulnerable children’s unmet emotional behavior and health needs;
  • Missing out on an education keeps the needy children from reaching their potential.

Remember: We live to learn and we learn to live because the more we know and conscious of our awareness is the less we worried.

Youth Empowerment /Opportunities

  • The educational process is dynamic and wide ranging involving youths, their families, and an institution called school. School is no longer a building or simply a collection of classrooms in which teachers and pupils work together;

School is a conceptualized as a community of families and school personnel engaged in the educational process. (Kirk Ashman)

  • Initiate and encourage open discussion and dialogues among various ethnic, racial, and cultural groups.
  • Organizing international and global symposiums, colloquium, and workshop training seminars.
  • Both small groups counseling and classroom guidance units are excellent modalities for developing multicultural awareness. Small groups that are racially and culturally diverse give students the opportunity to share their heritage with the other members;

Such interaction gives students a forum for discovering commonalities, appreciating difference and working out conflicts;

  • Give teachers and other school staff training and consultation regarding multiculturalism;
  • Provision of “Cultural and Educational activities”, and opportunities to learn about “the effect of substance abuse on individuals, families and communities” and training “to carry out school and community education on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs intake”;
  • Provide youths with an appreciation of community strengths, raise school and human services agency awareness of community assets, and develop an assets directory;
  • Educate the youths on the issues relating to HIV/AIDS, STD and abstain from pre-marital sex, moral decadences et cetera.
  • Educate youths on sex education, sexual activities and teenage pregnancy are important issues for young people today i.e (Children begetting Children), and the danger in abortion;
  • Creativity training and entrepreneurial potentials in youths;
  • Help to literate the youth emancipation of mind slavery from talk to help know that when faith manifest, then it is called The Truths
  • Develop leadership in youths by empowering youths to know they are the future leaders of greater tomorrow; (No to fraud, Crime and Poor Leadership and Institutionalized Corruption);
  • Empowering youth’s by building on strength so parents can effectively provide for and protect theory youngsters;
  • Empowering youth to know they are the future leaders of greater tomorrow; through skill acquisition, charitable programs, mentorship, and et cetera.
  • Facilitating programs for violence against women, human trafficking and police brutality.
  • Create opportunities for positive international interaction.
  • Ameliorating global challenges through technical, scientific approaches examples, Rape, Injustice, Oppression, threats to Democracy, Human Rights, Global Peace,
  • Back to School project

Importance of our Empowerment

We all know that poverty is a social welfare issues, depending on their political orientation, people view the causes of poverty and the potential solutions very differently.

  • People in poverty must be empowered to see that change is possible, the needy persons must be provided viable option and credible hope.

Senior citizens’ welfare:

We have searched out through our research that senior citizens are treated very differently depending on their culture, (Global graying).

Some tribal societies simply let senior citizens die or actually kill them when these people are no longer “useful” and instead require care.

Basic Goals of Senior Citizens Welfare

  • We will be educating the public to see senior citizens as a “resources” instead of a burden and emphasizing the significance of senior citizens as having sufficient numbers to wield political clout and become important participants in the political process;
  • Expanding community based care to maintain senior citizens in their own homes as long as possible;
  • Providing supportive measures (e.g financial assistant, tax incentives and respite care) to family members who care for senior citizens;
  • Educating upcoming generation to prepare to care for an increasing proportion of senior citizens on the one hands, and for themselves as they age, on the other;
  • Providing good health care for the senior citizens.

Community-Based Services

            Those provided outside the home in the community from another dimension of the formal support network. It can fulfill a wide range of function, from providing health care to meeting psychological and social needs.

Here are some of our proposed community-based services;

  • Motherless homes;
  • Recreational centers;
  • Vocational Skills and Training Workshops;
  • Motivational and Talented Entertainment Studios;
  • Standard Libraries / E-learning;
  • Adult Day Care/Hospices;
  • Congregate Meal Program;
  • Service Home Repair and Maintainer Program;
  • Provision of physical activity and social interaction as a means of empowerment for senior citizens;
  • Mean of Transportations.


2020: Unmasking this Monster: RAPE (Series on our YouTube Gods Arm Global TV)

The Raising of Critical Consciousness thru Intellectual Crusades (annual program for the youth)

2021 till Date: Strategic Leadership Training and Capacity Building Development (for young people, available on our YouTube Gods Arm Global TV)

2017 till Date: The Gospel of the Examined Life (annually)

2017: Assassinating and Eliminating the Goliath of Success among Students (in preparation for Secondary External Examination, with success records)

2019: International United Nations Volunteer Day Conference (bringing youth together for Volunteering)


Right application of quality education (formal & informal, skilled & unskilled) is the only tool to transform the world….

THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CYBER SCHOOLS: American High School Diploma Certificate

Under Mr. Wayne Watkins & Dr. Paula Watkins (USA), Otunba Kunle Obayan (Nig.) with myself Crown

Test running center: BOFOAT Model International College, Ugbe Ondo State

African Girls Empowerment (AGE)

African Women Empowerment (AWE)

Networks of Young Transformational Leaders: Lightening Each Other (LEO); in raising godly global intellectual giants for trans-generational impacts thru: PUBLIC SPEAKING, ARTS OF LEADERSHIP, and MENTAL HEALTH. (This program is strictly monitored by our trained certified AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC MISSIONARIES)

Building collaborative synergies with international organizations to help function with some of the best Secondary Schools in Nigeria


  • Upholding Human Rights by engaging the young people in advocacies (more of the UN advocacies)

Empowering young activists thru rigorous trainings and collaborations

Safety: Human Trafficking (more of the Girl Child); JUSTICE FOR BAMISE AYANWOLA

  1. Political and Civil Rights: Negative freedom, Freedom of Speech, Right to fair trial
  2. Social, Economic and Cultural Rights: Positive freedom, Education, Health etc.
  3. Collective Rights: Religion, Peace and Development

Collaboration with Government and Agencies, other Groups, NGOs, Associations, Institutions etc.

  • Women Leadership and Economic Empowerment

(ameliorating economic hardship/political unrest)

A CALL TO AWAKE (Global Pandemic; effect of Covid-19 on 2030 global agenda): Silent Weapons…

  • Violence against Women and the Girl Child: Systemic and Holistic Approach
  • Breaking Glass Ceilings thru Collaborative efforts with International and Global Women Economic Empowerment Seminars with powerful global Queens.
  • Diplomatic International Exchange with African International Students Diplomatic Missionaries in addressing Africa and Global Challenges.
  • Diversity United (diversity equity and inclusion): We believe it is not enough to motivate without proper empowerment; empowerment may be the process of increasing personal, interpersonal, or political power so that individuals can take action to improve their life situations.

It may also means increasing, emphasizing, developing, and nurturing strengths and positive attributes. It aims at enhancing individuals, groups, families, and communities’ power and control over their destinies.

Raising critical consciousness is one of the fundamentals of empowerment! (Prof. Kirk Ashman)

Our Functions

  • We are committed to the poor

We follow to serve the neediest people in the communities each to relieve their suffering pain, stress and healing in a broken heart individual, family, group and community. We respect the poor as active participants, in this accord. They are people from whom others may learn and receive, as well as give.

  • We value people

We regard all human being as created and love by GOD. We share love access priority to all before money, structure, and other institutional machinery. We celebrate the richness to diversity in human personality culture and contribution.

We know that our credentials are transparency, dignity, sincerity, loyalty, respect, intrinsic worth and love to all human being. We encourage the individual, personal, professional and spiritual development of all human being.

  • We are steward

The resources at our disposal are not ours, they are a trust from. The Divine Most High through donors on behalf of the needy persons, we pledge our transparency in dealings with donors, sponsors and the public at large.

We are and act in ways that will restore and protect our environment as a whole;

  • We are partners

We maintain a spirit of transparency towards other humanitarian organizations, foundations, Traditional Royal Families, government and agencies, international organizations and desire mutual participation in ministry.

Our mandates

GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION serves the followings;

  • Consultants: provision of knowledge and expertise to whom they turn for information, help and advice. Provision of information about behavior management techniques or emotional problems, and to teachers helping a school administration develop a new program;
  • Counselor: providing clinical intervention concerning social, emotional, or behavioral issues to individuals, families, groups and community organizations.

Activities include,

  • Identifying issues and alternatives
  • Offering information
  • Providing assistance to establish a plan of action.

Facilitator: we suggest guides, eases, or expedites the way for others during a good experience;

Educator: passing information and teachers relevant skills, availability of workshops and training sessions for students, parents, residents etc. our educational input involves a wide range:

  • Family Life Education.
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Communication skills / social skills
  • Psychological management
  • Information about sexuality
  • Current issues facing students and newly
  • Proposed school programs

Brokers: we serve as a broker who helps link the needy persons’ linkages or referrals mighty involve any type of resource.

Case manager: – we help to coordinate services from a variety of sources.

Community intervention collaborator: – we work with others in the community to initiate change or develop needed programs

Policy initiator and developer: – we work to “influence, initiate and develop policy, which affects the social and emotional development of children, youth within this school and community. Through participating in policy making communities, writing grants and as members of professional organizations, active in crating programs that benefit the educational process.

How sponsorship helps;

Sponsorship brings positive change to more than one (i) child, the benefits you help provide extend to each child’s families, their community in need even from the grass root.

We are committed to using all contributions to our work wisely and effectively by livening combine funds from sponsors and other contributors with government grants and goods donated by corporations, we ensure that all gifts entrusted to us have maximum 360-degree impact. We will give to the children an opportunity to see the pictures of their helpers if possible and to contract them if granted by the helper-building a relationship that could change both lives.

  • We give space to contribute ideas from all corners and arena of the world as we re-create.
  • Motherless to philanthropists
  • Less privilege to confidants
  • Vulnerable to social worker’s
  • Oppressed to advocates
  • Boys to men: we educate a man we educate an individual.
  • Girls to women: we educate women we educate a family.
  • Slaves to royals
  • Hopeless to transformational legends

GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION; Giving Hope, Redeeming Lives, Radiating Love

Because the whole world is getting more connected with new technologies, making the world more transparent, for those reasons we are each other’s neighbor.

Legal Team Members

Medical Team Members


Choir/Music Team

Financial Team

Project Team

Safety Team

Human Resources Team

Strategic Team etc 

Board of Trustees:

Amb. Adetunji Temitope Felix-CrownReawake


Ojo Abiodun Olamitan


 Venerable Olawuwo Abiodun Olusakin

 Mrs. Adebola Akingbesote

 Aduloju Adewumi David


Traditional Royal Advisers: Imperial Majesty; Osemawe of Ondo

 High Chief Adetunji Adeyale; Ondo City


Honorary President: Ryan Mack

Global Consultant: H.E Dr. Sherri Henderson

International Legal Adviser: Richard G. Mack, Jr.

Director of Europe: Mr. Florin Stefan

Director of Canada: Mr. Bob Russell

International Advisers: Bob Russell

International Diplomats: Faith Onyedikachi

Project Coordinators: Engr. Adewumi Adeniyi, Mr. Joseph Blessing Ben

Human Resources: Oluwatoyin Precious Adetunji

Leadership and Strategic Team: Arogundade Elijah Temitope, Tayo Adetunji

Chief Medical Director: Dr. Olajide Ibitoye UK

Medical Team: Dr. Tessy, Dr. Linus, Pharm Doyin Olowoniyi, Pharm Seun Adewale, Nurse Ajisafe Folasade, Nurse Kayode, Dr. Aladetimehin Ademola

Legal Team: Bar. Victoria Agbor, Bar. Subair Odunayo, Olaide Olanipekun

Ambassadors: More people in

Diplomats: Folarin Olayinka Christiana, Oluwole Bolawole, Aduloju Adewumi Adetoye, Akinlolu-Ojo Faith Boluwatife, Ajibade James, Ajakaye Victor, Kolade Omotolani Faith


  1. Global Business Development Firm USA
  2. UPSHIFT Global Inc. USA
  3. My Sahara Tea from Norther Nig. to USA (made of herbal ingredients and organic: beneficial to health)
  4. International Human Rights Organization India
  5. Leadership in Education Academy and Development Philippines
  6. American International Cyber Schools
  7. BOFOAT Model International Group of Schools Ugbe/Ikare Akoko, Ondo State


  1. International Organization of United Nations Volunteers
  2. RSS Logistic and Research Consult

We are registered with the following departments in the United Nations:

  1. United Nations Global Marketplace #852525
  2. United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
  3. United Nations World Meteorological Organization
  4. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  5. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)
  6. Applying as a Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) in the year 2023.


  1. Global Business Development Firm USA
  2. Immediate Personnel Services USA
  3. Black Women in Home Care USA
  4. Global Black Wall Street USA
  5. American International Cyber Schools USA


  1. UPSHIFT Global Inc. USA


  1. International Human Rights Organization


  1. Leadership in Education Academy and Development

GOD’S ARM GLOBAL FOUNDATION is the general umbrella to:

  1. African International Diplomatic Missionaries
  2. African International Students Diplomatic Missionaries
  • African Women Education AWE
  1. African Girls Education AGE
  2. Africa Men Education
  3. Africa Boys Education
  • Leadership for African Women Education LAWE

About the Founder:

Amb. Dr. Adetunji Temitope Felix-CrownReawake FCIHRM is a coach of coaches, manager of men and a Kingdom steward with divine anointing in helping to raise young and old people to fulfill their God’s given purpose, dominating over the Seven Mountains through their firm establishment on the Holy Mountain of GOD for the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom on earth.

A Doctoral Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management

A Global Human Resource Consultant

A Strategic Specialist

Contract Project and Facility Specialist

Customer Relationship and Digital Marketer Professional

Health Safety and Environmental Specialist

A registered Social Worker with international approach

United States High School Diploma Holder

A criminology analyst with classical and contemporary concepts  

Presently into Real Estate, Climate Change & Green House Management.

He remains a researcher and reader.

Assistant coordinator for the American International Cyber Schools Nigeria Chapter

The Africa/Nigeria representative and coordinator at Saint Mark University Miami, Florida, an online Dominican professional university apostilled by the US Department of State, founded by former retired agents of different agencies in the United States, mostly from the FBI, CIA, DEA, SS, and other Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies. Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA), an institution still operating under SMU. Saint Mark University Miami, Florida offer courses like International Criminal Investigation, International Private Detective, Private Detective in Criminal System, Back Guard, Personal and Corporate Security, Criminology, Journalism, Theology, Music, International Chaplaincy, Baccalaureate Online Classes etc.

         Africa/Nigeria coordinator at Centro Educativo Internacional Investigacion Privada Y Estudios Juridicos (CEIIPEJ) and Escuela Iberoamericana Ciencias Tecnicas (EICT), an online institutions established in Dominica Republic that offer courses like International Criminal Investigation, International Private Detective, Private Detective in Criminal System, Back Guard, Personal and Corporate Security.


         A facilitator for more than five (5) years till date, providing trainings and certifications to National Youth Service Corp members, Higher Institution graduates, Organizations and Working Professionals with four (4) different professional institutions namely:

  1. Chartered Institute of Contract Project and Facility Management, Nigeria.
  2. Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management with head office in USA.
  3. Chartered Institute of Health Safety and Environmental Management, Nevada USA.
  4. Human Resources Management Institute USA now Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management.


Some out of the few Certifications and International Recognitions:


World Bank Youth Summit 2022: Certificate of Attendance on: Unlocking the Power of Inclusion for Equitable Growth.

World Bank Youth Summit 2021: Certificate of participation on the training “Resilient Recovery for People and Planet.”

Advance Training Course 2021: Deployment of Renewable Energy Solutions: Challenges and Opportunities by RES4AFRICA Italy.

Ambassador of Education and Peace at Leadership in Education Academy and Development LEAD Philippines (UN ECOSOC SDS SCD Reg. No. 0486.250420, World International Economic Group-World United Nations Reg. No. 21225/20, PRC Accreditation No. 2018-181, Sec Reg. No. CN201734657);

Coordinator at the International Organization of United Nations Volunteers;

Certificate of Appreciation for the continuous support to the Human Rights, and Economic Development Initiatives by World International Economic Group, World International Organization Committee World United Nations, World Women Economic International Cooperation;

Delegate Committee: World Health Organization at the World Youth International Model United Nations;

Certificate of Membership: Anti Drugs Association AMA United Kingdom

Certificate of Appointment as Coordinator and Leadership at Anti Drugs Association AMA United Kingdom

Certificate of Pledge in Environmental Protection for Peace and Harmony at International Internship University; certificate number: IIU-WEO-21-108

Certificate of Recognition on Philippines Independence Day for contribution toward uplifting quality education and generous service to the world.

Honorable Global Education Ambassador at International Internship University

Global Business Associate at International Internship University

United Nations Volunteer Roster No. 1660874

Chief Adviser and Strategic Leadership at UN ECOSOC SCS SDC UNESC Nigeria Chapter

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